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Module 14


Workshop: Bulk Transport Technologies for NG


Copyright: IvS Energy In Motion

Presenter: Eng. Gijsbrecht van Schoonhoven van Beurden


Duration: 3,5 h (half day)


Workshop Objectives:

Participants in this Workshop will gain in depth information about Road transport systems for Natural Gas


Workshop Topics:


  • General
  • Introduction


  • Transport of CNG
  • Cylinder Trailers
  • Tube Trailers
  • Loading/unloading


  • Transport of LNG
  • Double wall vacuum insulated cryogen trailer tank
  • Loading/unloading


  • Natural Gas quality (CNG)
  • Dry Gas
  • Wet Gas


  • Logistic
  • Tractor Head


  • Calculations
  • Trailered Gas versus Pipeline Gas


  • Standards and Regulations
  • ADR


  • Truck Driver training
A Test will be performed at the end of the workshop to confirm that the participant has understood the full content of this workshop.
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