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Module 19a


In depth Workshop: Natural Gas Grid Planning 


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Presenter: B.ApSc, P.Eng. Don Betton


Duration: 7 h (Full day) + Test


Workshop Objectives:

Participants in this Workshop will be offered detailed design criteria for NG Grid Planning.


Workshop Topics:

  • Gas Distribution Network Planning
  • Calculation Parameters
  • Implementation plan


  • Natural Gas Pipelines
  • Piping Systems and Materials
  • Available Pressure
  • Pressure Reducing Stations


  • Natural Gas Distribution Systems
  • Piping Systems and Materials
  • Available Pressure
  • Gas Mains
  • Gas Service Lines
  • Gas Metering
  • Measurement Principles
  • Meters
  • Pressure Regulation
  • Over-Pressure Protection


  • LNG as a Supply Option
  • Specific requirements for Transport


  • Gas System Engineering
  • System Planning



A Test will be performed at the end of the workshop to confirm that the participant has understood the full content of this workshop.

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