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Your Workshop Leader



                          Faunder and CEO of the IvS Technology Center for Gaseous Fuels


Origin              : Rotterdam-Netherlands

Nationality       : Dutch

Title                 : Mechanical Engineer

Study               : Technical High School (HTS) Rotterdam

                          Specialized training by TÜV for NGV Inspection


Languages      : Dutch, German, English




Over 40 years Experience within mechanical design and construction for industry as an independent Consultant.


Since 27 years an independent Consultant for Natural Gas technologies. Consultancy was undertaken on several projects in various countries. Experiences in the fields of Gas Pipeline and Transmission Station engineering, CNG compressor station development, design and construction, Biogas and Hydrogen fuelling stations. Infrastructure planning.


2003, Expert member of the Alternative Fuels Hydrogen Topic Group Of the European Commission.


Since 2004 involved in training, for ENGVA, later NGVA Europe and Clean Fuel Consulting, till 2013.



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