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Module 01


Generic workshop: Principles of NGV/CNG Technology


Copyright: IvS Energy In Motion

Presenter: Eng. Gijsbrecht van Schoonhoven van Beurden

                   Plus all international presenters


Duration: 7 h (full day) + Test


Workshop Objectives:

Participants in this Workshop will gain a general overview of the Vehicles and filling station technologies in the market. As well participants will gain familiarity with implantation strategy and safety.


Workshop Topics:


  • Motivation
  • Why Natural Gas?


  • Fuels overview
  • Fuel Gases

  • History of development
  • Development world wide
  • Development in Europe


  • Government Support Models
  • Examples of Models in European countries


  • Standards and Regulations
  • International Codes and Standards
  • European Standards and regulations


  • Refueling Station Technology
  • Station Components
  • Station Economics
  • Station Infrastructure


  • Safety
  • General
  • “Built in” Safety
  • Safety in operation


  • NG Vehicle Technology
  • OEM Solutions
  • Technical development
  • Modern retrofit solutions
  • Conversion systems
A Test will be performed at the end of the workshop to confirm that the participant has understood the full content of this workshop.
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