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Module 05


Safety workshop: CNG and LNG Vehicle Safety


Copyright: IvS Energy In Motion

Presenter: Eng. Gijsbrecht van Schoonhoven van Beurden

                  Dipl. Ing. Gert Jan Rap


Duration: 7 h (Full day) + Test


Workshop Objectives:

Participants in this Workshop will gain in depth information about CNG Vehicle Safety. As well participants will gain detailed knowledge how to handle hazardous situations.


Workshop Topics:



  • General

  • To understand Safety for Natural Gas vehicles


  • NG Vehicle Fuels

  • CNG and LNG


  • Properties of Natural Gas and Definitions

  • Units

  • Pressure

  • Cryogen Liquids


  • Natural Gas Composition

  • Material Safety Data Sheet


  • Natural Gas Fire Fighting

  • Natural Gas Fire Extinguishing

  • Fire Fighting CNG

  • Fire Fighting LNG


  • NGV System Overview

  • Typical Components in NGV

  • Filler Receptacle

  • Check Valve

  • CNG Cylinders

  • CNG Storage Inspection

  • Cylinder Safety Tests

  • Cylinder Valves

  • Tubing / Flexibles

  • Fittings

  • Pressure Regulator

  • CNG Injectors


  • ECU

  • Mounting of components

  • Cylinder mounting

  • NG Vehicle Testing

  • CNG Tank Mounting HD Vehicles


  • Natural Gas Vehicles

  • Typical HD Vehicles

  • Off Road Natural Gas Vehicles


  • Standards and Regulations

  • Standards for NGVs

  • International Standards

  • European Regulations

  • Standards for LNG


  • LNG for Vehicles

  • Properties

  • Tank and Refueling

  • Handling Cryogen Liquids

  • Safety for Automotive Cryogenic storage systems


  • General Safety

  • NGV Safety verses Petrol Fueled Vehicles

  • Installation

  • NGV Accidents

  • Rapid Phase Transition

  • Leakage Test Equipment

  • Vehicle Repair Workshop

  • Driver Training

A Test will be performed at the end of the workshop to confirm that the participant has understood the full content of this workshop.

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