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Module 18


Generic workshop: Natural Gas Supply Systems


Copyright Gasficient Consulting Services

Presenter: B.ApSc, P.Eng. Don Betton


Duration: 7 h (Full day) + Test


Workshop Objectives:

Participants in this Workshop will gain familiarity with natural gas and natural gas supply systems including the components. As well participants will gain familiarity with natural gas system operations and safety.


Workshop Topics:

  • Overview of Natural Gas Supply Systems – Wellhead to Utilization
  • Gas Quality
  • LPG/SNG vs NG
  • NG Quality
  • CNG vs LNG


Natural Gas Pipelines

  • Piping Systems and Materials
  • Pipeline pressures


Natural Gas Distribution Systems

  • Piping Systems and Materials
  • Network adoption
  • Transmission pipelines
  • City Gas Network
  • Road Transport of NG


LNG as a Supply Option


Gas System Engineering

  • System Planning


Available Codes and Standards

  • International standards



  • General
  • Safety in construction
  • Safety in operation



A Test will be performed at the end of the workshop to confirm that the participant has understood the full content of this workshop.

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