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Name           :   Dr. Jürgen Brachetti


Origin           :   Germany

Nationality    :   German

Title              :   Dr.Ing.

Study           :    Diploma in electrical engineering from the university of Kaiserslautern
                         Dipl. - Ing:  thesis in the field of optical fiber technology

                         Dr. - Ing (PhD):  thesis in the field of semiconductor laser diodes




Dr. Brachetti is Managing Director and owner  of BRACHETTI & PARTNER, a consulting company in Düsseldorf, Germany

For a couple of years now he is engaged in the field of biogas/biomethane production by integrated processes: feasibility studies, business development, market development.

He has long term experience in the technology of CNG vehicle components, sales and marketing of OEM vehicle components, feasibility studies of dual fuel projects for ferries, trains and bus fleets including business development, cost analysis, project structuring and coordination of stakeholders.

He is engaged in the long term stability assessment of high pressure CNG containers.


Dr. Brachetti has held a number of senior positions in the automotive supplier industry like Bosch, Hella, Mannesmann Autocom, Amerigon including Vice President, Managing Director Sales & Marketing for OEM vehicle components.

He headed the dual fuel task force group at the NGVA Europe.

Europe and North America were the places of his activities.